What is Post-Op Rehab?

Post Rehab
Post-Operative Rehabilitation (better known as “Post-Op Rehab”) is the rehabilitation process that patients go through after surgery to restore joint motion, muscle strength, and function. However, it is an imperative part of the healing process.

Tissue does not heal itself. In order to recover, it must be stimulated, which is a complex process that requires a licensed physical therapist to properly facilitate.

Post-Op Rehab requires a patient to be committed to the rehabilitation process. This form of treatment is progressive in nature, building upon each session’s efforts to repair muscle and joint strength, mobility, and function. This cannot happen without full dedication, consistency, and participation from the patient.

About Our Post-Operative Rehabilitation Services

Sports Specialty & Rehabilitation Center has individualized programs and protocols for the treatment of most post-op conditions including (but not limited to):

  • Total Joints
  • Fractures
  • Tendon Repairs
  • Ligament Repairs
  • Joint Fusions
  • Rotator Cuff Repairs

Each program is put together based on the patient’s surgery, post-operative status, and goals. It is always best to plan post-op rehab prior to your surgery so that you can begin the rehabilitation process in a timely manner.

Our clinicians will work closely with you and your surgeon to achieve the best results possible.

Contact Us to Make an Appointment

Contact us regarding a referral or appointment with one of our licensed and certified clinicians today. We’ll be happy to walk you down the path of rehabilitation and wellness. You may call us at 239-574-7557 (Cape Coral), 239-368-7744 (Lehigh Acres), or 239-561-0700 (Fort Myers) or send an email to Info@SportsSpecialty.com.