Spine Programs for Neck and Back Injuries, Pain, and Impairment

Spine Program
Sports Specialty & Rehabilitation Center has skilled therapists to address injuries relating to the spine. The scope of treatment includes manual therapy to restore normal spinal mobility and soft tissue function with instruction in back care and flare up management. Whether you’re looking to restore the ability to work or simply return to your recreational activities, we can help you reduce the impairments of neck and back injuries, as well as the pain they may leave behind.

Our exercises are developed to maximize core stability and extremity strength, improve flexibility, and progress aerobic conditioning.  Proper body mechanics are incorporated in all aspects of the program. We will simulate specific work and/or recreational activities in order to return the patient to their prior level of function.

We work with a variety of patients, hailing from a wide range of ages and occupations. From professional athletes to young children to geriatric patients, our licensed, trained, and experienced clinicians are capable of helping you restore as much mobility and function as possible.

We also work closely with your doctor to ensure a custom program suited to meet your needs and carefully monitor your progress throughout the program. However, it is also up to the patient to remain consistent and committed if they want to see their desired results.

Learn More About Our Spinal Programs

Whether you’re dealing with chronic pain or impairments due to illness or injury, contact us to learn more about our spinal programs. To reach our knowledgeable staff, simply call us at 239-574-7557 (Cape Coral), 239-368-7744 (Lehigh Acres), or 239-561-0700 (Fort Myers).

Need to provide more information or media with your inquiry? Reach out to us via email at Info@SportsSpecialty.com and we will respond promptly during our regular business hours.