About Pre-Employment and Post-Offer Testing

Pre-Post Job Offer Screen
Pre-Employment and Post-Offer Testing are job specific assessments to determine if a worker or potential employee is able to perform the specific physical demands required of the target job description safely. Part of this testing process is also used to identify potential safety risks and/or accommodations that may be necessary for employment.

Pre-Employment and Post-Offer testing have two different protocols for physical testing.

Pre-Employment Testing

Pre-Employment testing is what most individuals know as a traditional physical screening. If is completed after the candidate’s application is received but prior to hiring. Many employers may use pre-employment testing as part of their screening process to determine whether the candidates they are considering are fit for the job.

Pre-Employment testing does not include medical testing or questions about your current medical state or history. This is so certain data cannot be used against the candidate illegally during the interview and consideration process.

Post-Offer Testing

Post-Offer testing is an evaluation given after a candidate has been offered a job. However, that job is contingent on the candidate passing the post-offer test. Unlike a pre-employment test, the post-offer test does include the candidate’s medical history as well as medically related evaluations. This is the main difference between the two tests, other than the timing in which it is given.

Post-offer testing does provide far more information to the employer than pre-employment testing. It is also helpful to employers if they need to assess appropriate workers compensation responsibility if the employee is injured while on the job.

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