FCE – Functional Capacity Evaluations

FCE - Sports Specialty & Rehab Center
A Functional Capacity Evaluation, or FCE, is a comprehensive multi-hour (typically 3-4 hours) evaluation that objectively measures the client’s current physical and functional abilities including (but not limited to) strength, material handling, positional tolerance, endurance, fitness, and flexibility.  Results are presented in a clear summary, which is accompanied by a detailed report that can be provided within 24 hours.

Benefits of this form of testing may include determining return to work capability, alternative or modified employment/duty, maximal medical improvement, disability determining, work specific rehabilitation, and/or case resolution.

FCE’s are typically required after you’ve been injured on the job, when you’re applying for Social Security Disability, if you want to return to work or volunteer after a debilitating injury or illness, qualification for rehabilitation services, and students receiving transitional services from school to a work environment.

FCE typically includes an interview, a review of your medical records, and a musculoskeletal screening that may include carrying, pushing, lifting, pulling, and positional tolerance. The type of physical testing will be determined by your injury.

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