What is Balance Training?

balance training
Balance Training is a form of physical therapy that assesses the cause of balance issues within a patient and applies a custom program centered on balance retraining, conditioning, and education. The purpose of this program is to regain lost balance and reduce the risk of falling for the patient.

During treatment, the patient will strengthen key muscles, improve their reactions to instability, integrate vision-sensation-vestibular information, and practice challenging environmental obstacles to establish confidence where there was once anxiety.

Balance is simply maintaining your center of gravity. This is done with the help of your central nervous system, inner ear and joints, your senses and muscles.

Your balance can be disrupted in several different ways:

  • Vestibular and Inner Ear Disorders
  • Orthopedic Injury
  • Lack of Strength and Flexibility
  • Neurological Problems
  • Medications

While you may not be able to eliminate certain causes of balance issues, balance training can help build up your confidence and reaction time in order to help prevent falls and injuries.

About Our Balance Training Program

Sports Specialty & Rehabilitation Center therapists create individualized balance training programs to assist patients regain their mobility as a result of injuries, acquired balance deficits, history of falls, vertigo issues, gait disturbances, post stroke impairments, and sensory disturbances.

Working with the patient, their family, and physician our skilled therapists customize a program to address the patient’s impairments to improve their activities of daily living and mobility related requirements. SSRC works with local companies to get the appropriate adaptive equipment, assistive devices, and/or wheelchair or scooters the patient requires to improve their quality of life.

Contact Sports Specialty and Rehabilitation Centers About Balance Training

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You are also welcome to reach out to us by email with your inquiries and/or additional information you may find necessary for us to address your needs. Simply send your correspondence to Info@SportsSpecialty.com and we will get back to you during our regular business hours.